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“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” – Psalm 119:105

When we immerse ourselves in God’s word, not only does our purpose for the “here and now” become clear, but also our eternal purpose. In His word we find direction for every step.


Carrying the Burden

Being a leader is a huge responsibility. There are good days and bad days. Days of great reward and days of great struggle. When the organization succeeds, we celebrate. When it fails, we feel the weight of the responsibility. In the times of struggle it is easy to feel like we alone bear the burden. In Numbers 11, that is how Moses was feeling. Let me set the stage for you.

God delivered the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, he provided leaders for them, he provided food for them, and he even instructed them to build a structure – the tabernacle – that would make a way for him to dwell among his people. God was abundant in his goodness towards the Israelites; yet, despite that, they were professionals when it came to being an ungrateful and complaining people. They began to grow tired of the food that God was providing for them and they remembered what food they had available to them while in Egypt. They said…

We remember the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost—also the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic. But now we have lost our appetite; we never see anything but this manna!”

Okay, so, the food in Egypt was available at no cost….mmm…they might not have had to pay for it, they just had to be slaves. And if the Pharaoh decided he wanted to kill all new born Israelite males then he could do that. So, none of that sounds like a good set up.

Quick side thought, do you ever find that you complain about God’s abundant goodness and blessing in your life? 

Nonetheless, the Israelites complained. It was in this moment that Moses, more than ever, felt burdened to be able to step up and lead the people God called him to lead. But there was a problem. Moses felt like his knees were buckling under the weight of leading these immature infants on his own. He turned to God and asked…

“Why have you brought this trouble on your servant? What have I done to displease you that you put the burden of all these people on me? 12 Did I conceive all these people? Did I give them birth? Why do you tell me to carry them in my arms, as a nurse carries an infant, to the land you promised on oath to their ancestors? 13 Where can I get meat for all these people? They keep wailing to me, ‘Give us meat to eat!’ 14 I cannot carry all these people by myself; the burden is too heavy for me. 15 If this is how you are going to treat me, please go ahead and kill me—if I have found favor in your eyes—and do not let me face my own ruin.”

Moses was at the end of his ropes and he let God know it. So, the Lord responds to Moses by saying…

“Bring me seventy of Israel’s elders who are known to you as leaders and officials among the people. Have them come to the tent of meeting, that they may stand there with you. 17 I will come down and speak with you there, and I will take some of the power of the Spirit that is on you and put it on them. They will share the burden of the people with you so that you will not have to carry it alone.

One of the most beautifully amazing things about God is that he hears us and he cares for us. He does not want to set us up for failure. If we need help he is all to willing to reach out and lend a hand. So, when Moses was in need and overwhelmed he cried out to God and God answered by providing Moses with other people that would share in the burden of the people so that he would not have to carry it alone.

In your own life, if you ever come to a point where you feel like you are under too much pressure, have too much responsibility, or feel like you are a one man football team then know this: God. Provides. When Moses felt overwhelmed by having to lead the Israelites he turned to God and said, “I can’t do this on my own.” We can do the same. We can turn to God and say, “Lord, I can’t do this on my own. I need help.” And he will help. One of the most powerful ways that God helps us is by calling other people to be there for us. Think about how God freed the Israelites from slavery. He called Moses. When Moses was overwhelmed he called seventy other people to help carry the weight.

So, today, consider this. If you need help maybe God has placed someone in your life that is there to share in carrying the weight of the burden with you, or maybe God is calling you to help carry someone else’s burdens.

Lazy Busy | Desiring God

Do you ever find yourself struggling with being lazy?

Do you need some motivation for the hard work ahead?

I read an article that talks about how the Bible doesn’t speak so highly of those that are lazy. The Bible is an advocate for hard work.

God promised that he would work in everything for our good, not our comfort.

You can read the article by clicking the link below.

Pray For Mark Hall

Mark Hall is the singer of the Christian Worship Band “Casting Crowns.” Given his position and the success of his band he has a ton of influence on tons of lives.

He is now facing an unfortunate and dire situation, yet even now he demonstrates his unshakable faith in Christ.

You can read about his situation by clicking on the link below.

Problems Make Great Breakfast Food

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.  – Alfred A. Montapert

Problems arise when you least expect them. Often when you are perfectly prepared you are perfectly positioned for something to go wrong.

Let me explain…

When I plan and prepare I manufacturer a vision for the outcome of events – the order in which things are supposed to happen, the specific way each thing is supposed to be done, and the overall “feel” or “mood” that will be created.

Inevitably though, the vision I have seldom ever comes to fruition. It might turn out in a similar fashion, but hardly, if ever, exact. Often times, in the moment, when something turns out differently than I thought it should have it creates an awkward moment. I might stutter, go off on a tangent, try to save the moment but most likely fail, or just flat out get frustrated and do my best not to show it. In any case, I feel as though the moment is ruined, or, at least, not as impactful as I planned.

Is preparing good? Absolutely. Is it good to have a vision for the outcome of events? Yes….however, I think when preparing and manufacturing that “perfect” vision it is important to keep a few things in mind.

1.) “Many are the plans in the mind of man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” We spend hours preparing and then in an instant “the cards get thrown out.”  Always pray and seek God’s direction THEN plan accordingly.

2.) Plan to fail. Be ready for things to go wrong. When you have a structure in your head and in the moment it derails, more than likely, it feels like you just ran off a cliff, but consider for a moment that you didn’t crash. Maybe you just turned on a different set of tracks that takes you to the same destination. Embrace it. Planning to fail can lead to success.

3.) Follow the leading of the Holy Spirt. In your personal preparation for a Worship service God may lead slightly different than he will when everyone is gathered together on Sunday. For example,  you may plan to finish one song and then transition directly into the next song, but in the moment you might feel the prompting of the Spirit to say a prayer, or quote a scripture, or share something on your heart. You may be hoping that after the last song the congregation will continue singing the chorus or bridge section of the song, but in the moment the Spirit might lead to just simply end the song. Embrace it. Don’t fight it.

As a leader, the absolute best thing we can do for the people is to follow God’s leading. We want to lead people down the path that leads to Christ, not the path that leads to us being happy that our plans went exactly like they were “supposed to.”

Follow God’s leading and eat your problems for breakfast! …or lunch or dinner. 🙂

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have you ever been frustrated by things not going according to plan?

How do you plan and prepare so that you can be ready for anything?

Why Have Hobbies?

Good insights on this post.

Aunt Beulah

In a recent Peanuts cartoon, when Lucy told Charlie Brown she was thinking of starting some new hobbies, Charlie said, “That’s a good idea, Lucy. The people who get most out of life are those who really try to accomplish something.”

Looking appalled, Lucy replied: “ACCOMPLISH something? I thought we were just supposed to keep busy.”

In the past, I thought like Lucy. Viewing hobbies as busy work to fill my idle moments, I pursued decoupage, macramé, origami, tatting, and yodeling. Each endeavor enjoyed the same success as my wish to be 5’6”.Wreath

My search for a busy-work hobby peaked when I scoured fields and ponds for nuts, pinecones, grasses, and twigs, which I used to make Christmas wreaths. I gave these creations to loved ones, who exclaimed happily and hung them in their snug homes.

I had used liberal amounts of a smelly liquid adhesive to attach my found…

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