Breathe New Life

Some thoughts that went in to writing this one….

When a baby is born a new story begins… There is beauty in the cry of a broken heart. For it is in our broken state that God will come in, put the pieces back together, and show us a taste of the abundance of his grace. Every soul needs to hear the good news of the hope and joy found in Christ. So…as we go about doing what we do every day, my hope is that our lives would tell the story of God’s grace in a way that would speak louder than any words we speak. The chorus is a prayer asking God to help us be who he has called us to be – a light that shares his great love with people. And the bridge to the song just declares the gospel – that God has seen us in our darkness and called us out to his marvelous light and that he has made a way for us to have eternal life, joy, and peace through him.


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