In The Breaking

This song was inspired by a sermon I heard entitled “The broken Heart.” The pastor talked about how we all go through things in life that break us. We must never forget that God meets us in the breaking. At our lowest point God is there, builds us back up, and makes something beautiful out of what was broken. God uses the the things we go through in life to teach us and make us more like him.

When we feel like we have no control over our own life or a situation I pray that we would remember that God is in control, that we would seek him and remember that we are not our own but have been bought with a price.

The Lyrics are below:

God meets us in the breaking

God sees our falling tears

God sees us when we’re shaking

We can know that he is near

In trials he is making

In suffering he is shaping

There’s a purpose and a reason

God is near

We can be still

and we can know

Our Great God

Is in control

Through highest of highs

And Lowest of Lows

Our Great God is in control

Beauty will rise

Beauty will rise

Out of the dark

and into the light

Just look at the cross

And see what it cost

For our God

To give us life



  1. This is so beautiful and I truly am touched at how God works in such mysterious and amazing ways. His hand is in everything, he walks by our side. God inspired this song through you at a time when two of your loved ones were secretly breaking and this is our anthem! God meets us in the breaking, God sees our fallen tears. In suffering he is shaping, there’s a purpose and a reason. We can be still and know that our great God is in control!!! Beauty will rise!!!
    Thank you God for this beautiful song you have brought through Matthew!!!

  2. John, this ministered to me as I go through a broken time of my own. Thank you so much for letting Him work through you! A beautiful, beautiful song . . .God bless you!

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